Sands of time

Thousands of years ago there was a thriving civilization ruled by powerful kings. The power of this nation was reflected on the colossal monuments built to worship their gods and in return, their gods promised them an eternal after life.

In the years that followed, the kingdom was weakened and anarchy ruled.

“Lo, the great no longer ruled the land. What was made has been unmade.”

Foreign kings and gods emerged and the worshippers of the old religion along with their majestic monuments were buried under the sands of time.

However, the promise for an eternal afterlife remained…

Land of Gods

While their bodies were being safekept, their souls were on the path to the underworld through the night overshadowed land.

The journey was long and dangerous hence the path to the Land of the Gods was inhabited by warrior serpents, fire-spitting dragons and five-headed ravenous reptiles.

Finally, they reached the Hall of Final Judgment and kneeled before Osiris for the final judgment.

Out of chaos came the light.
Out of the will came life.

After judgement, their souls returned back to their bodies. The old ones are now eternally alive, but soon they realize that their kingdom is lost, their riches have been plundered and their Gods forgotten.

The battle begins, the old ones are determined to reclaim their riches, form their new kingdom and restore their Gods.

“I read the book of the river. I hold the magic of stones and trees. I find God in my fingers and in the wings of birds. I am my delight, creator of my destiny”.




Leader of Doomsday Mummies

Scaling something unique



Art Director

Trying to set new standards in the space



Web3 enthusiast

Specializes as a web3 developer



Experienced back-end developer

Always loves to innovate


Doomsday Mummies is an NFT project that provides exclusive web3 innovations to its community.

The project is being developed on the Solana blockchain.

A Freelance Marketplace built on the Solana Blockchain, developed by our team.

Silk Drive is a decentralized storage network provided by our team.

Open to all projects and teams, Silk Drive securely stores the metadata of a collection on a fast and reliable drive in the best possible way.

You can always open a ticket on our Discord, the team will reach back to you asap.